Our Service Offering

We specialise in unsecured debt collection, offer a unique tiered approach to recoveries and recover debt for top major South African clients.

Seamless Integration from Pre-Legal to Legal

In close association with Mooney Ford Attorneys, Fusion offers a seamless integrated recoveries model that uses a legal identity from inception and progresses swiftly from pre-legal to legal allowing us to fast track recoveries, particularly on high risk, high balance accounts. Contact us today for a consultation.

Scoring Model for late stage delinquent accounts

Fusion has developed its own proprietary scoring model for late stage delinquent accounts that enables us to identify the individual debtors’ propensity to pay. We are then able to customise recovery strategies on a case by case basis and develop solutions to fast track and maximise recoveries. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

Unique Tiered Approach to early and late stage recovery

Our unique collection model consists of a seamlessly integrated pre-legal and legal recovery process for optimal results. Pre-legal consists of a call centre approach which also encompasses both internal and external tracing solutions. The second, Legal tier then offers a full range of legal recovery options.

Full Legal Recovery Options throughout S.A.

We offer a full range of legal recovery options throughout the length and breadth of South Africa. Our focus is to obtain an emoluments attachment order in the Court where the debtor is employed or resides. We can also offer a solution of attaching and selling goods owned by the debtor if required by our clients.

Superior Collections Technology

Fusion utilises state of the art collections software enabling us to maximise recoveries for clients. Where requested we have also worked directly off clients software.

Timely ID of non-performing accounts

Fusion regularly performs a data sweep of all accounts, thus enabling us to identify and offer solutions to clients in respect of non-performing accounts.

Debt Rehabilitation and Client Retention

One of Fusion’s main focuses in respect of early stage recoveries is debt rehabilitation and client retention, particularly in respect of our retail clients.